We care deeply for the River Country, and we would like to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

Peter McDonald is a commercial pilot with a passion for the southern Murray Darling Basin and its landscape. Born and bred in the river country, the 5th generation farmer has established Murray Darling Scenic Flights to enable him to share his passion, working knowledge of the lakes and river systems and stories of this stunning ancient landscape with interested travellers. Peter and his wife Wendy strongly believe that sharing the knowledge of history and geography of our country leads to informed ways of managing our landscape.

The Southern Murray Darling Basin has an incredible diversity of landscapes, all shaped by water either past or present. The dry lakes, salt lakes, wetlands and rivers are spectacular when seen from the air. Ecologists refer to the Central Murray floodplains and surrounds as “the Kakadu of the South” recognising their ecological and cultural heritage significance. Murray Darling Scenic Flights works closely with the local communities of the regions over which it flies, creating a rich and insightful passenger experience. They encourage you to connect on ground with the people in the local towns and with the life and stories of the traditional owners… once you have seen the landscape seek to understand the stories. The McDonalds look forward to introducing you to the River Country.

Image credit: Lean Timms