Peter McDonald

Commercial Pilot Peter McDonald will host your flights. Peter has combined his passion for both flying and these unique landscapes to bring you Murray Darling Scenic Flights.  He is a fifth generation farmer who lives and works on Thule Lagoon (near Barham), the ancient bed of the Murray River. He has flown this area for nearly 15 years and is very involved in the local aviation community.

During your flight, Peter will share with you his wealth of knowledge, experiences, history and other stories of the region.

Mark Rogan

Mark Rogan is a highly experienced retired international contract airline pilot who has moved to the River Country with his family for a tree change. Mark has worked in the aviation industry for over 30 years. He brings a wealth of experience to the team and as Chief Pilot he oversees the operations of Murray Darling Scenic Flights.

Mark is excited to share his ongoing love of aviation in a personal way, welcoming passengers on our scenic flights when the schedule requires.

Murray Darling Scenic Flights operates under the AOC (Air Operators Certificate) of Thule Aviation.